For a limited time: Free Mini blankZ with purchase of 1 classic blankZ or 2 mini blankZ

I am not creative.....

If I had a dollar for every person at a trade show, store or in my travels that who told me "I am not creative." I could have retired already.

I am never sure what makes people say or more importantly believe this negative thought but I can tell you first hand its just not true. We all possess tremendous creativity we just have to tap into it. The blankZ® are a great vehicle to express this creativity. Put a marker in your hands and just see where it goes. There are no lines to stay inside of. There is no model to copy. There is you, your markers, your blankZ® and more importantly your ideas.

Make a square, a circle, a triangle. Anything goes and anything is right.

Check the image on the right, Spots. The design is simple but wonderful.

Please don't tell me you aren't capable of creating your own Spots...

Now what are you waiting for grab a blankZ® and get creative!


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